24K Gold Plated Dangle Earrings (27 Styles)

$25.00 CAD

24K Gold Plated Dangle Earrings (27 Styles)

Product code: 36519531-e8-6
$25.00 CAD
$25.00 CAD
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    24K Gold Plated Dangle Earrings (27 Styles)

    Choose from one of the twenty-seven styles for a touch on your outfits:

    • Hollow pear-shaped drop earrings
    • Hollow hoop drop earrings
    • Hollow square drop earrings
    • Hollow star drop earrings
    • Star drop earrings 
    • Basic fine chain dangle earrings
    • Lucky gourd fine chain drop earrings
    • Lucky gourd multi-strand drop earrings
    • Classic multi-strand drop earrings
    • Star multi-strand drop earrings
    • Flower drop earrings with dangling twinkle bells
    • Dangle hoop earrings
    • Blooming flower multi-strand drop earrings
    • Dangle leaf earrings
    • Blooming flower drop earrings with dangling leaves
    • Star bead chain drop earrings
    • Dangle hollow flower-shaped earrings
    • Balls with hollow hoops dangle earrings
    • Lucky dog stud earrings
    • Dangle balls and leaves earrings
    • Dangle spade earrings
    • Dangle leaf three-strand drop earrings
    • Bow-tie and two-strand drop earrings
    • Hollow heart drop earrings
    • Bowknot two-strand drop earrings
    • Square multi-strand drop earrings
    • Leaf drop earrings

    There are so many styles that you can definitely find your favourite and unique style to match your outfits to any occasion. 

    • 24k gold plating


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